ICUMSA 45 Sugar

Price : 1.00 / 12500 Metric Ton

High-quality sugar that is an essential commodity required throughout the globe. Enormous quantities of sugar is exported by our supplier to other countries as the usage of this is huge in the industries like sweets and confectionaries, food and beverage producers the world over. Our global expertise provides them the required market insights, quality assurance, and price protection.

Packing : The sugar shall be packed in 50 kg net wgt./50.172 kg gross wgt. poly-lined new jute bags. Each bag shall be secured by tape to assure the safety of the commodity during ocean transport. Bags shall be branded in indelible ink or paint in the English language bearing the marks - Made in “Country”; White Refined Sugar; Net Wgt - 50.0 kg; Current Crop (XX Bags per sling of XX Kg). On each vessel, the seller shall (at seller’s expense) supply two (2%) percent of each shipment in empty bags of the same specifications.

Contract : 12 months or Spot deal.

Shipment : Minimum shipment 12,500 and multiple of 25,000 MT in 30/45 days and rest in 30 days, after receipt of payment Instrument to the Seller’s bank.

Payment : As we deal directly with the owner of sugar, payment terms are negotiable. Non transferable instrument will be needed for the purpose of the guarantee of payment. Actual payment not needed until all shipping docs and SGS report have been presented prior to ship leaving port.

Performance Bond : The Seller will post 2% performance bond after receipt of payment guarantee instrument, within ten days. The Seller group´s bank sends a 2 % performance bond to the Buyer`s bank in favor of the Buyer, issued and confirmed by the Bank.

Proof of Product : The Seller group issues the POP to the Buyer´s bank by Swift, and is issued/confirmed by the Bank and signed by the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture. We will gladly provide Pre POP after buyer submits proof of ability to pay (BCL, Bank Statement Etc) and Purchase order.

Inspection : S.G.S Inspection for quality and quantity shall be provided at the port of loading at seller’s cost.

Insurance : 110% of the CIF value of each shipment on the Seller´s account.

Product & Grade & Specifications :

  • Refined White Cane Sugar
  • Grade “a”
  • Icumsa 45 Rbu
  • Polarization - 99.80 Degrees
  • Min. Ash Content - 0.04
  • Max. Icumsa - 45 Rbu
  • Solubility - 100% Dry and Free Flowing



Additional Information

Min. Order Quantity 12,500 Metric Ton
Port Most safe ports.
Packaging Details 50 kg Branded bags packed 1/ 1.5/ 2 MT in bulk in Jumbo sling bags

Technical Details

Quantity Mt Cif Aswpus$/Mt Delivery Spot Draft Contract Monthly Shipments
12.5 475 Spot -
25 465 Spot -
50 445 Spot -
100 425 Spot -
150 400 Spot -
150 460 - 12.500 X 12 Months
300 435 - 25.000 X 12 Months
600 415 - 50.000 X 12 Months
1.200.00 385 - 100.000 X 12 Months

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